Faerhaven Academy

The world is pretty dull. Kids ride the bus to school. Parents go to work. Dogs sit at home awaiting the return of their families while cats cause mischief and taunt the dogs. Everything is totally normal and boring. Day to day life, for much of the world, is exactly as it always has been. There’s no magic, they say. Not real magic anyway. Just cell phones and satellites. Jet planes and automobiles running on the fumes of dead dinosaurs. That’s the only magic in the world: the magic of technology. And it’s time you grew up and stopped daydreaming about dragons. That’s what they say, anyways. But there’s something more. Something you’ve felt since you were a child. Something you’ve seen at the corner of your eye. A massive lion taking flight on eagle’s wings. A glimpse in a rear-view mirror that revealed a grand feast hall where the Burger Shack should have been. There’s another world out there, you thought. A world of magical, impossible things.

And you weren’t wrong.

Faerhaven Academy of Magical Arts is a game of hidden world fantasy, magical creatures, high-stakes spell-slinging, and teenage angst built using the Quest role-playing game for players of all ages.

Coming Soon.

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